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Beauty Treatments at Wharf Road

Dermalogica Facials
 Our specialised facials are designed to suit your unique skin type. We use dermalogica's professional range of products to treat different skin types and problem areas. 
We recommend a facial once a month to help maintain your skin, alongside using dermalogica products as part of your daily routine. 

Face Mapping Facial £50.00 (60mins)

Face Mapping is dermalogica's famous technique which allows us to assess each area of your face, targeting each zone with the exact products needed. This facial is ideal to identify and treat specific problem areas and to maintain healthy, balanced skin. 

Age Smart Facial £50.00 (60mins) 

Whether you have the early signs of ageing or you are experiencing the ageing process, this is the facial for you. It will help to plump fine lines and wrinkles; make skin firmer; renew cells and collagen; leaving your skin looking brighter and more youthful. 

Deep Cleansing Facial including Extraction £48.00 (60mins)

Suitable for all age groups, but very beneficial if you suffer with oily/greasy skin, blackheads and congestion. We will use our mediBac clearing products to help relieve the congestion and blackheads, to leave the skin feeling soothed and pure. 

Rehydration Facial £46.00 (60mins)

If your skin is looking tired, grey and feeling tight, then this facial is for you. Perfect for after a holiday or moving into the winter when the central heating comes on. This facial provides something for everyone, rebalances the skin and you can never get enough re-hydration - no matter what your skin type. 

Customised Luxury Facial- includes Part Body Massage £57.50 (75mins) 

This facial is more of a choice of your own. We still Face Map and determine the products that are required to be used but we adapt the facial to how you are feeling. 
Facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, facial pressures, drainage, massage and masque. 
- You can choose to start with a 15 minute Back Massage and
- Whilst your masque is on, one of the following
- Head and Scalp Massage, 
- Hand and Arm Massage                                                                  - Foot Massage.
- Two of the above, without the 15minute Back Massage. 

dermalogica Express Facial £27.50 (30mins) 

In a hurry..... Our Express Facial provides everything you need for your skin, just a little quicker. Great for lunch breaks, a busy lifestyle or fitting in around the kids. 


Waxing is the most popular and effective way to remove unwanted hair. 
Hot wax or warm wax will be used depending on the area being waxed.
head start's creme, warm wax, removes hair from the root. As a result the hair grows through softer and finer. 

****Lycon wax is available in our salons****

Eyebrows                    £10
Nostrils                        £10
Half leg                        £16.50
Three quarter leg        £20.00
Full leg                        £25
Bikini                           £12.50
Fore arm                     £11.00
Full arm                       £14.00 
Under arm                  £10.00
Upper lip                     £8.50
Chin                            £10.00 

Hot Wax 

Hot Wax is a precise, less painful method of hair removal and is used for all intimate waxing treatments to ensure the hair is removed as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Californian          £15.00 (high bikini) 
Brazilian              £28.00 (only a strip left) 
Hollywood          £31.50 (all off) 

Lycon prices:
Underarm            £11.00
Californian          £18.00 (high bikini) 
Brazilian              £32.00 (only a strip left) 
Hollywood          £36.00 (all off) 

Both Brazilian and Hollywood waxing includes all underneath removed if you wish. 

Also available in salon :
  • Men's Waxing 
  • Threading 
Call salon for more details 

Eye Treatments

Our tinting technique gives definition and enhances the natural beauty of your eyes and brows. 
Our Therapists will offer a brow service to help achieve your practical and desired brow shape. 
Patch test required 24 hours prior to any eye treatment below. 

Eyelash Tint £12.50
Eyebrow Tint £7.50
Eyebrow Shape and Tint £18.50 (includes Wax and Tweezing) 
Eyebrow, Eyelash Tint and Eyebrow Shape £30 

Lash Lift Treatment 

Our Lash Lift is an amazing treatment. It is a great way of getting a false, upright lift and curl without extensions. Lashes are lifted at the root to open up the eye and give a brighter look to your face! (Treatment lasts 8 weeks) 
We highly recommend you complete the treatment with an eyelash tint, this enhances the lift and defines the eye further. 

Lash Lift only £33.50 (60mins)
Lash Lift and Tint £43.50 (75mins)

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Our 3D Semi-permanent lashes come in lots of different lengths and curls. They are placed individually onto each of your own lashes so you get a natural, but enhanced, look. They are perfect for an everyday look but also a day to night occasion. 
Semi-permanent lashes require maintenance every 2-3 weeks. head start recommends a 45 minute session to fill in the new lashes that grow through your lash cycle. Maintenance keeps lashes looking stunning and full. 
Patch test required 48 hours prior to your first treatment. 

Full Set of Lashes £60.00 (90mins)


45mins     £28.00 (recommended)
30mins     £24.00
60mins     £36.00 

Express Eyelash Extensions £39.50 (45mins) - includes removal charge of £10.00 

These lashes are perfect for a holiday, special occasion or a girly night out. 
Express Lashes are placed onto your own lashes to create a thicker, longer look. They are only on for 2 weeks and have to be removed, this is to ensure your lash turnover can return to its natural cycle and not damage lashes.
Lashes have to be removed by head start within 2 weeks of your application. 
Patch test required 48 hours prior to your first treatment 

Party Eyelash Extensions 

Party Lashes are great for a weekend, a quick fix and a great enhancement to your make up. 

Party Eyelashes - Whole Eye £20.00
Spray Tans
head start offers two of the world's leading self-tanning products SIENNA X and CRAZY ANGEL. Whichever you choose you will leave with a beautiful and natural glowing tan. 
We discuss and identify your skin tone and decide which brand best suits your needs.  

Full Body Tan £20.00 (8 hour development time) 
Part body tan £15.00 
Tonight's The Night Tan £22.50 (4 hour development time)

Left it to the last minute...? Try Our 'Tonight's The Night' spray solution.
This solution is most popular as it is the most convenient for head start's clients. The tan develops in 4 hours, meaning you can have it applied on the same day as your special occasion and don't have to sleep in it the day before. 

Body Treatments

The head start FBM £45.00 (60mins)
The head start BNS £25.00 (30mins)

head start's specialised Full Body Massage (FBM) and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (BNS) are perfect remedies to relieve any tension from treated areas leaving you to feel relaxed, stress free and energised. 

Passion Fruit Salt Scrub £25.00 (30mins)

Our Full Body Passion Fruit Salt Scrub includes a Full Body Scrub removed with hot mitts, followed by a Full Body moisturise, leaves skin feeling hydrated, silky smooth and perfect for pre and post holidays. 

The head start FBM and Full Body Passion Fruit Salt Scrub £65.00 (90mins)
The head start BNS and Back Passion Fruit Salt Scrub £35.00 (45mins) 

A perfect combination of tension and stress relief with resultant energised and silky smooth skin. 

The head start BNS and Full Facial £65.00 (90mins) 
The head start BNS and Express Facial £47.50 (60mins) 
(BNS - Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage)  
Have the best of both worlds with either of these intensive therapeutic duos. A massage to work out your knots, easing aches and pains followed by a facial to renew and brighten your skin.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. 
By focusing on those deeper layers of tissues, we are able to get into those persistent, deep knots responsible for limiting  body mobility and causing pain and inflammation. We begin to try and eliminate these issues to leave you more mobile and pain free. 

Please enquire for details - specific treatment based on your personal needs. 

30 mins £28.00
45 mins £36.50
60 mins £49.50 

Stress Buster £30.00 (45mins)

A treatment that works on particular areas to help ease built up tension from your everyday stresses and strains. This blissful treatment starts with a face and scalp massage followed by hand and foot massage.

Indian Head Massage £25.00 (30mins)

Whilst you sit fully clothed, your Therapist will use firm but calming massage movements to your back, neck, scalp and shoulders helping to release any muscular tension and headaches to leave you feeling more invigorated and stress free. It provides a wonderful feeling of well-being.