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Nails Treatments at Wharf Road

Only the best products are used
Nail Enhancements 

Our Nail Technicians have attended the world's leading training academy, Creative Nail Design. CND enables us to sculpt acrylic powder to your desired shape and length.

Full set of Acrylic Nails 
Tips are applied for length, a variety of Acrylic is applied depending whether you have French (pink and white) or Clear (natural). Nails are then smoothed and SolarOil is applied. 

French - £44.00
Clear - £40.00
Full set plus our instant drying Shellac on top for just - £10.00 

Overlays £35.00
A thin layer of Acrylic is applied to help strengthen the natural nail. 
Rebalance £27.50 
This is mostly for French Acrylic. Most of the Acrylic is removed and reapplied. The smile line that separates your pink and white Acrylic is placed back to its original position so that there is no regrowth showing through the nail enhancement. 
Infills £25.00
The growth, since your last appointment, at the cuticle area of your nail is buffed and Acrylic is applied. 

Infills and Shellac on top £36.00
Infills, plus our instant drying Shellac on top. 

Tidy £15.00
Any lifting of Acrylic is buffed off, cuticles pushed back and trimmed. Nails are smoothed and SolarOil is applied. 

Repairs with maintenance from £1.00 per nail 
2 nails -   £1.50
3 nails -   £2.50
4 nails -   £3.00
4+ nails - £3.50
Please Note - Repairs are free with Acrylic and Shellac together. 

Full set of Express Nails £29.50
Tips are added for length, blended into natural nails, cuticles pushed back and trimmed. CND SolarOil applied and finished with a Vinylux polish - ideal for a special day/weekend if nails are looked after. 

Soak off Acrylic Nails £20.00

Soak off and Full Manicure Treatment £30.00

Acrylic on toes - please enquire for more details. 

Nail Art from             £2.50
Lecentè Glitter from £2.00
Diamontes                50p each 

Blue in Mind
CND Pedicures

Treat your feet, as they always get forgotten. Our pedicures provide a relaxing treatment leaving your feet polished and feeling refreshed. 

Pedicured nails need time to dry to prevent the polish from smudging, for this we recommend you bring your flip flops. If you need something quicker, please enquire about our instant drying Shellac pedicures.

File, Shape and Polish £10.50

head start is very proud to offer 'Footies Spa' - using hygienic disposable liners in the foot spa. You can relax knowing the foot spa is for your feet and your feet only. 

Full Pedicure Spa Treatment £34
A warm bubbly foot spa is ready to relax your feet, enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee and flick through the latest magazines. CND SolarOil will be applied whilst your cuticles will be tidied and trimmed, your feet will be ready for any hard skin to be removed, heels to be buffed and your feet exfoliated with a sea salt foot scrub. Soothing pedicure creams will then be massaged into your feet and legs leaving them feeling refreshed. Nails are then shaped and a Vinylux polish of your choice will be applied.

Luxury Hydration Pedicure Treatment £39.50
This treatment can be added to the Full Pedicure Spa Treatment but is more re-hydrating for your feet, with the added help of heated booties whilst using intensive creams, oils and a deep soothing foot masque. This treatment leaves your feet feeling moisturised, refreshed and smooth.  

Express Pedicure Treatment £18.00
Cuticles are tidied and nails gently buffed. CND SolarOil is applied, letting the oil soak in to hydrate the nail plate and cuticles. Nails are then shaped and a Vinylux polish of your choice is applied. 

Add our instant drying gel polish - Shellac £8.00
CND Shellac Manicure

Shellac is applied like polish, it wears like gel and can be removed in minutes. 
Shellac has a zero drying time; it stays shiny; and protects, maintains and strengthens the natural nail. 
Shellac is available in a wide range of shades and glitters. 

Shellac application (Hands or Feet) £25.00

Soak off just £2.50 when new Shellac is applied. 

Lecente glitter from £2.00

Add a Hand and Arm massage for just £6.00

If Shellac is not professionally removed, damage will be caused to your nail plate resulting in your nails becoming thin and weak. 

Soak off only £7.50 

Soak off, nails tidied and polished £21.50

Soak off and Full Manicure Treatment £29.00
CND Manicures

CND Manicure will provide you with beautiful looking nails, ready for everyday wear or for your special occasion. 
Manicured Nails need time to dry to prevent the polish smudging. If you need something quicker, please enquire about our instant drying Shellac manicures. 

File, Shape and Polish £10.50

Express Manicure Treatment  £18.00
Cuticles are tidied, nails gently buffed letting the CND SolarOil soak in, nails are then shaped and a Vinylux polish of your choice is applied. 

Add our instant drying gel polish - Shellac £10.00

Full Manicure Treatment £25.00
This treatment starts by soaking the cuticles, softening them ready for trimming. Nails are gently buffed allowing CND SolarOil to soak in - rehydrating the nail plate and cuticles. CND's soothing manicure cream is then massaged into the hands and arms for relaxation. Nails are then filed to your preferred shape and a Vinylux polish of your choice is applied. 

Luxury Hydrating Treatment £29.50
This treatment includes everything in our Full Manicure Treatment plus a Hand Exfoliation using CND Almond Moisture Srub. Nails are soaked in CND Almond Oil and CND Moisture Masque is applied, hands are enveloped in a transparent film and placed in Heated Mittens. By exfoliating we remove all dead skin allowing the warm oil to soak into cuticles more easily. The Masque maximises the intense hydration to the hands leaving them feeling smooth, soft and moisturised.